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12 October 2006 @ 02:37 am
Shounen Club 2006.10.08
Producer: Totsuka Shouta
Theme: michi

- Nakajima Yuuto doing the introductions O_o?
- Totsu didn't go to his first concert b/c the dacing was too hard..
- New kid named Katou.. doing intros of songs...
- JRS SINGING SAYYOUENDO BEFORE NEWS SINGS IT?!?!?!? koyamas singing it too...
- I like Koyama's hat
- kitty singing fever&future... gYm is better...
- [anatani otegami kakimashou] Morimoto & Fujigaya annoying morimoto :P
- Yuuto as a tap kid -> why he's "akogareteru" to Junno
- MASSU came!! and sang akatsuki.. <33ed the dance and song~!
- Nikaido's "disappearing" act LOL
- Hikaru's [person who's drum stick flew out of their hand] another of those LOL.. I thought this one was pretty scripted though..
- Kitayama wrote his name as hiroppi! HAHA sounds like keroppi LOL~
- Kawai from ABC kinda reminds me of Kame.. although kame is waay better looking.. and I'm saying that even though I don't like kame too much..
- Katou kid reminds me of that one FEMALE owarai geinin.. I forget what her name is... he looks like a girl though..
- Yuuto doing WEIRD.. monomanes of bakajin and maru...
- Koyama couldn't get into high school so he joined johnnys..
- Maru wrote a song called My Weather. I liked his dance..
- Totsu reminds me of someone.. GAH i can't put my finger on it though..
- gee i don't like yabu's voice.. X:
- I'm starting to like Shoon better.. I think he's my favorite in ya-ya-yah now.. and I used to make fun of him for looking like suzuki anne X:.

Things about JR's I recently discovered.
- Musical Acadamy is REALLY johnnys!!!!!!! I was in denial for a while...
- Theres a difference between Musical Acadamy and Musical Acadamy Dance (MAD)
- MAD is Musical Academy Dance... LOL... im slow..
- The piano player in Question? (Ishigaki Daisuke) is Ishigaki Yuma's brother.
- violin kid's name is Hiromi.

- Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Koki & Kame)
- Byakkotai (YAMAPI & Koki & Fujigaya)

- Jin is taking a break from this month to the end of this year.
- One reason for his break is so he could study abroad
- He's not participating in the new KAT-TUN single, not even on the cover
He's leaving?!?!?!?! HOW CAN HE LEAVE?! HE CAN'T JUST LEAVE! KAT-TUN CAN'T BE KAT-TUN WITHOUT THE A! ITS'LL BE KT-TUN.. THE HECK IS THAT?!!?!? KAT-TUN just debuted like 7 months ago and he's taking a breaak?! He better come back!
ok im done going crazy..
Jin has been pretty inactive lately.. but he's leaving..? He should atleast stay for the new single and the music programs.. I bet there's other reasons besides his studying abroad.. I wonder where he's going.. *has high hopes* HAH NOT... gawdd.. but he better come back.. dammit what if he just dosn't come back?! he's like one of the most popular... well if its own choice.... I guesss.. its ok.. but.. stilll.. gawddhe just wants the pattern to continue.. :X.. NEWS died.. and K8 is missing one.. and now KAT-TUNs gonna miss one?!.. the hellll... NOO. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT... BECAUSE JIN IS COMING BACKK... OR ILL MAKE A VUDU DOLL OF JOHNNY AND MURDER HIM.... HAHAHHAHAHA but I wonder if something else happened.. because i mean.. johnnys don't usually just leave.. theyre like suspended... like ucchi and kusano.. who i really doubt that theyre coming back..and i prolly won't really care TOO much if they did.. anyhow.. I think something else is involved with this..